Six reasons why Macro Thoughts is the answer to your MIFID2 worries.

With just over a month left to finalise business plans to ensure compliance with the new MIFID2 laws, it is apparent that there is still much uncertainty as to how best to face the challenges presented by these new regulations. What is clear is that companies are expected to comply with not just the letter, but also the spirit, of the new laws.

Although some bank providers of research appear to feel they can work around legislation, with cheap offerings, these are unlikely to be directly relevant to many fund managers and market participants.

So, here’s why Macro Thoughts is the answer to your MIFID2 worries….

1. The support and value offered by Macro Thoughts, delivering written research and analysis, presentations and consulting services, is backed by over 25 years of hands on buy and sell side market experience. (Much of the basic, entry level research offered by banks at flat fees is likely to be supplied by their less experienced staff and may not provide the expected value from a ‘big name’ for the fee paid).

2. Macro Thoughts is unique and can tailor its service to your business’s specific requirements (in a way that surpasses the present model of bank-supplied, partisan research and will stand out from the generic contributions offered on platforms that you and your peers will already have general access to).

3. Macro Thoughts is experienced at managing risk. An investment bank trading background and buy side alpha generating experience across asset classes enables Macro Thoughts to provide the most cost effective and profitable strategies.

4. Whilst it is reported that most macro-based hedge funds have, on average, achieved around 2.5% profits to portfolio year to date, Macro Thoughts’ strategies have achieved circa 10%, (following the success of previous years).

5. Macro Thoughts offers excellent value (access to all reports and commentary via Macro Thoughts’ website starts at just £100+VAT per month, or £1,000+VAT per year) and is available to offer cost-effective support for your business with consultancy services and exclusive presentations upon request.

6. Being independent, Macro Thoughts has no predetermined agenda and offers clear, impartial, research and analysis, with bespoke strategies with which to best leverage forecasts.

If you would like to discuss (in a meeting, or by telephone), how you might consolidate your plans to ensure that you have the most effective management tools in place to be MIFID2 ready, Macro Thoughts is ready to offer support and value to your business and would be pleased to hear from you.

Keith Grindlay