The week ahead May 10 - 15, 2020

Monday: Inflation Expectations
Tuesday: Business Optimism, CPI, Redbook, Real Earnings
Wednesday: MBA Mort Apps, PPI
Thursday: Jobless Claims, Trade Prices, CAD Manuf Sales
Friday: Retail Sales, Empire Manuf, Ind & Manuf Prod, Cap Util, Business Inventories, Michigan Sent, JOLTs, Baker Hughes, Net Cap Flows
Events and speakers: Monday Bostic, Evans, Tuesday Monthly Budget statement, WASAD, Kashkari, Bullard, Harker, Quarles, Mester, Wednesday Powell, Thursday Kaplan, Kashkari, 
CAD Financial System Review, BoC Poloz
Auction: Monday Treas 3yr, Tuesday Treas 10yr, Wednesday Treas 30y
Wednesday: BRC Retail Sales, Trade, GDP, Ind Prod & Manuf Prod, Business Investment, Construction Orders, NIESR GDP Tracker
Thursday: RIC House Price Index
Events and speakers: Sunday PM Johnson to announce relaxation of lockdown policies
Auction: Thursday Gilt 10yr
Monday: ITL Ind Prod, NOK CPI, PPI
Tuesday: NOK GDP
Wednesday: EA Ind Prod, PORT, SEK CPI
Thursday: GER, ESP, CPI, Wholesale Prices, FRA Unemploy, ITL Trade, CHF PPI
Friday: EA, Various GDP, Employ, Trade, GER PPI, FRA, ITL CPI, Ind Orders & Sales
Events and speakers: Monday Mersch, Wednesday Lane, Guindos, Thursday EA Economic Bulletin, Guindos
Auction: Wednesday GER 30yr, ITL 3yr, 7yr, 30yr
Tuesday: CPI, PPI, Vehicle Sales
Thursday: FDI, Loan Growth, M2, Social Financing
Friday: FAI, Ind Prod, Retail Sales, Unemploy
Events and speakers: Friday NBS Press Conf
Sunday NZ Elect Card Retail Sales
Monday: INDO Retail Sales, Current Acct, BRL IPCA Infl Index
Tuesday: JAP Forex Res, Coinc & Leading Index, NZ Food Inflation, ZAR Unemploy, AUD Investment Lending for Homes, Home Loans, Business Conf, INDIA CPI, Manuf & Ind Prod, MLY Ind Prod, Construction
Wednesday: JAP Current Acct, Bank Lending, AUD WPI, Consumer Conf, MLY GDP, Current Acct, S KOR Unemply, BRL, ZAR Retail Sales
Thursday: AUD Unemply, CPI Expectations, NZ Business PMI, INDIA WPI
Friday: JAP PPI, INDIA Trade, Forex Reserves, INDO Trade, Motorbike Sales, Business Conf, S KOR Trade, HK GDP
Events and speakers: Monday BOJ Summary of Opinions, Tuesday INDIA RBI CB, BRL COPOM Mins, WednesdayRBNZ CB
Auction: Tuesday JAP 10yr, Thursday JAP 30yr